Hearth and Craft Co. started to take shape in 2017, first with it's name. "Hearth" the cozy space in front of a roaring fireplace and "Craft" the appreciation for hand-made sustainable products for the home. I had journaled about creating an online store filled with all things cozy and decided to bring back my candle making hobby in 2019.

I am a self-taught candle chandler & run this co. out of my home in Lincoln, NE. I quit my full-time job in Spring of 2020 feeling burnt out and ready to give this candle business a try. I was craving a slower way of living that didn't revolve around the 8-5 grind. Inspired by, "hygge," pronounced (hue-gah) the Danish concept of creating coziness and enjoying life's simple pleasures - family, friends, good vibes & a warm glow, Hearth and Craft Co. was born. 

Thank you for following along on this journey. My hope is to be a little (virtual) retreat to rest and feel inspired again, through all things cozy. 

Slow down and enjoy the glow

- Hattie Kingsley 




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